Chens Taichi Old Frame One by Chen Zhenglei

Chens Taichi Old Frame One (new DVD - in English)
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Chen’s Taichi Old Frame routines were created by Chen Zhangxing (14th generation of the Chen family). He created the series of old frame routines based on Chen Wangting’s five taichi routines, the Cannon Fist Routine and the 108 Posture Long Fist Routine. By summarizing and compilation, Chen Changxing created the now popular Old Frame Routine One and Two. Routine One includes mainly soft and gentle moves with hardness implied in softness and softness in hardness. The postures are stretched and the movements are extended. The footwork is mainly light and steady. The torso is kept centered and upright. All postures and movements are supported by the internal strength. The core force of motion is the spiral rotation controlled by the waist and piped throughout the body section by section. When in motion, everywhere in the body moves; when in stillness, the whole body settles. The moves are smooth like flowing water – continuous without pause. Explosive moves are done in completeness in a springy elastic fashion.

The English interpretation on this DVD is done by Jack Yan - who has a master degree in English and has been practicing and teaching taichi for many decades.

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